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Impostor Syndrome

by Courage Mother and Two Thumbs Down

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Plastic boxes Filled with bullshit That I need to fill my home with Second chances In the vague, unspecific sense I don't know what I want But it's not this I can't comprehend How these things work I wish I could, but The truth hurts Young, broke, naïve, and clueless No one cares What did I miss? Wait, don't tell me Wait, don't tell me It's about to get good Pockets empty, like a bad dream Callused, ugly. Off-brand, sulking. Always sleeping. Overwhelming. I think it's nothing It's always nothing
There's nothing I can say That hasn't already been said About greed and short sightedness Abrupt loss of consciousness I wish I knew the words to Articulate my own hopelessness "How could they let this happen?" And you know they'll get away with it Empty words on the establishment And they fuck the environment And you can't make a difference 'Cause you're young and dumb Regurgitate your talking points To justify your bigotry And spend all of your effort On telling us we're naïve Expect us to listen to you Openly condescend the People who your actions affect When we stay up late Because we're terrified Of some bankrupt, rapist Billionaires who don't care Whether we die Don't waste your time on someone Who couldn't care less Someone whose only concern Rests on if they get their paycheck And who think We're so fucking stupid "Get off your high horse or get used to it" That's why I feel so Borderline helpless You can't do shit living Paycheck to paycheck And you know things are Fucked, don't panic You left your shit up in the attic None of us have the keys to the ship! Manifest Destiny is bullshit! But you already know that!
Well, I lied When I said I said that I'd be fine Well, I lied I hope you know In my future I'll be just fine Well, I lied Hope you know Know that I'll be fine Well, I lied Hope you know I'm less angrier now without you
You speak to me in that tone you claimed to be unique Yet I cried like some teenage girl trying to stomach McDonald's I pray that your memory flakes off my mind Like the psoriasis from my skin Are you listening for once? Like the millions of times I asked you to leave me alone It's so sad I hate to sound like Alanis Morrissette But goddamn it's not fair Yeah I swore to God I'd never set foot in this town Yet here I am You've ruptured my vocal cords In another life I won't be Some object floating in space all alone Like you wanted me to be And talking to you Was the emotional equivalent of The food poisoning I got from Chipotle And, yeah it wasn't fun but goddamn I really loved Chipotle 'Till it made me sick


released May 28, 2021

Side A (Two Thumbs Down) written/recorded by Austin Ryder, Lauren Porter, and Will Diaz, drums recorded by Jennifer Watson. Gang Vox on the Rat King of Burke: Lily Monico, Christian Ryder, Sad Park, and Sam Slocum.

Side B (Courage Mother) written/recorded by Lily Monico, Alex Matute, and Jennifer Watson.

This EP was mixed and mastered by Jennifer Watson.

Art by Julie Dinh www.instagram.com/trulyxsin/?hl=en


all rights reserved



Courage Mother Washington, D.C.

Courage Mother is a 3-piece post-hardcore band from Northern Virginia/Baltimore, the brainchild of 20 year old songwriter Lily Monico. Following the ending of a previous local project in 2017, Courage Mother was a project that originated from the desire to overcome. Their songs typically are very high in intensity, structurally adventurous, and lyrically address situations of trauma and growth. ... more

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